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Needing an extraction might bring up some feelings of uncertainty, but options for anesthesia and sedation can settle your unease. At Pemberton Dental Associates in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Frank Varinos, DMD, performs simple and surgical extractions for various dental and orthodontic purposes. For more information on the process of getting an extraction, call Pemberton Dental Associates or book an appointment online today.

Extractions Q&A

What are extractions?

Extractions are procedures from your dentist or oral surgeon to remove one or more teeth from your mouth. Usually, extractions are meant to eliminate diseased, broken, or otherwise problematic teeth from the mouth or to make extra space for orthodontic treatment. 

After evaluating the tooth in question and your general oral health, your dentist at Pemberton Dental Associates performs one of two types of extractions:

Simple extractions

Simple extractions don’t require any incisions. Your dentist can remove teeth that have fully erupted above the gum line using an elevator and forceps after numbing the area around the tooth. 

Surgical extractions

Your dentist uses surgical extractions to remove teeth that have not fully erupted or teeth that have broken off at the gumline. They make an incision for better access to the tooth’s root and may remove the tooth in pieces after numbing it. 

When are extractions necessary?

Pemberton Dental Associates performs simple and surgical extractions to treat dental complications that won’t respond well to other treatments or to make space in your mouth if you have crowded teeth. 

A tooth extraction might be the next step in your oral health care if:

  • A tooth is deeply decayed
  • You have a traumatic oral injury
  • Your baby teeth haven’t fallen out in time for your adult teeth to erupt
  • You need more space in your mouth for orthodontic treatment like braces
  • Your mouth doesn’t have enough space

Your wisdom teeth are the four molars in the very far back area of your mouth, and they’re the last to come in. Many people choose to get wisdom teeth extractions because they can crowd the other teeth when they erupt or remain impacted because of a lack of space. They can also lead to other complications like cysts or abscesses. 

What happens after an extraction?

You need to take some time to recover after a tooth extraction at Pemberton Dental Associates, no matter which kind you get. Your dentist tells you how to keep the extraction site clean and clear of debris while letting the area heal. 

When you first leave the office, you bite down gently on a piece of gauze for 30-45 minutes as the clot forms to stop the bleeding. For at least 24 hours, you should refrain from rinsing your mouth vigorously, using a straw, and brushing your teeth right next to the gap. You also need to follow a soft food diet for at least a day after the extraction. 

To learn more about tooth extractions and their recovery process, schedule an appointment over the phone or online at Pemberton Dental Associates today.